Sneaky Scams: Protect Your Business Now!


NEW Scams & How to Protect Your Business (w/ Liron Segev)

Protect Your Business from Scams and Phishing Schemes

Liron Segev, known as The Techie Guy on YouTube, recently collaborated with Josh from All Things Secured to discuss the latest scams and phishing schemes targeting content creators on social platforms. The two experts provided valuable insights on how to protect yourself from falling victim to these cyber threats.

Highlights from the Collaboration

During this long-awaited collaboration, Liron shared his expertise in white-hat hacking and his experience assisting creators who have been targeted by hacking attempts. The discussion covered various topics such as getting back hacked accounts, examples of scams and phishing schemes, important security settings for everyone, the use of 2FA keys for account security, and much more.

Key Takeaways

One of the key points emphasized by Liron was the importance of using two-factor authentication (2FA) keys, such as the Yubikey, to enhance the security of your online accounts. These physical security keys provide an additional layer of protection beyond traditional password-based security.

Sneaky Scams: Protect Your Business Now!

Protect Yourself from Cyber Threats

Liron and Josh also delved into various examples of scams, including email link scams and scams that exploit trust to deceive victims. They provided valuable tips on how to recognize and avoid falling for these fraudulent tactics.

Additional Resources

To help creators stay informed and protected, Liron shared resources and videos on YouTube, including his YouTube Security course, which offers comprehensive guidance on safeguarding your online presence. Additionally, Josh’s account security strategy was explained, providing practical steps to enhance security across various online platforms.


In this collaboration, Josh and Liron combined their expertise to educate content creators on the critical importance of cybersecurity. By understanding the latest scams and phishing schemes and implementing robust security measures, individuals and businesses can proactively protect themselves from cyber threats.

Overall, this collaboration provides valuable insights and actionable tips to help individuals safeguard their online accounts and businesses from malicious actors. As cyber threats continue to evolve, staying informed and taking proactive security measures is essential in the digital age!”

Sneaky Scams: Protect Your Business Now!