Sneaky Pro Player Tricks in Among Us


Evil Apple Vision Pro in Among Us

Exploring the World of Evil Apple Vision Pro in Among Us

In a thrilling modded version of Among Us, the Evil Apple Vision Pro takes the game to a whole new level of excitement. Joining forces with friends, including Zud, Garry, BiffleWiffle, and others, players dive into a world where slicing enemies, defeating bosses, and unleashing pet T-Rexes are all part of the game.

The Apple Headquarters Adventure

As the impostor, the goal is to acquire three Apple cards by completing quests like AR racing and AR ping pong. Upgrading abilities such as laser and battery power is crucial for success but also risky as it might give away one’s identity. With mischief and strategy in mind, the impostor navigates through tasks and bosses, all while plotting to troll their friends.

Teamwork and Challenges

Collaboration becomes key when facing bosses as players, like Garry and Zud, contend with health bars and abilities to secure key cards. Upgrading shields and calling allies like Z adds to the intense gameplay, but victory is not guaranteed.

Sneaky Pro Player Tricks in Among Us

Final Showdown

With cards in hand, a race against time and foes awaits. The impostor must maneuver through obstacles, acquire the last card, and escape. But twists and turns, like the Vision Pummel, can shake things up—even bringing back eliminated players in a rollercoaster finale.

Despite the challenges, the group’s camaraderie and competitive spirit shine through, creating a dynamic and unforgettable gaming experience for both players and viewers alike. So, buckle up, grab your Apple Vision Pro, and dive into the chaos of Evil Apple Vision Pro in Among Us!

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Sneaky Pro Player Tricks in Among Us