Sneaky Among Us Blade Ball Creation


I Made BLADE BALL in Among Us

Genji Dodgeball in Modded Among Us

Welcome to a thrilling game of Blade Ball in Among Us! In this modded version, players are introduced to an array of intriguing abilities, adding a whole new twist to the classic game. Join the exciting journey as the players aim to unlock new powers and emerge victorious in the blade ball mini-game challenge!

Acknowledging the Imposter’s Advantage

As the Imposter in this version of Among Us, the player has the unique ability to see the amount of money each player possesses. This knowledge gives them an advantage as they strategically work to unlock new abilities by accumulating funds throughout the game.

Unlocking Abilities and Strategizing

The player sets out to unlock diverse abilities, including ‘Cut Purse’ to pilfer money from others and ‘Time Freeze’ to slow down the progression of their opponents. As they accumulate more funds, they carefully select their abilities to gain an edge during the Blade Ball mini-game, such as ‘Force Field’ and ‘Rage Deflection’.

Sneaky Among Us Blade Ball Creation

Engaging in Intense Mini-Game Challenges

With their acquired abilities, the player enters the heart-pounding Blade Ball mini-game challenge. The adrenaline-filled battle unfolds as they utilize their powers and dodge the incoming blade balls, using tactics like ‘Telekinesis’ and ‘Leg Slice’ to outmaneuver their opponents.

Securing the Win and Celebrating Victory

After a fierce showdown, the player emerges victorious, acquiring the sought-after Blade Ball bullets and celebrating their win. This thrilling modded version of Among Us brings an electrifying twist to the game, adding layers of strategy and excitement to the gameplay.

With its intense mini-game challenges, strategic decision-making, and thrilling abilities, Blade Ball in Among Us offers an exhilarating experience for players. It’s a testament to the continued innovation and creativity within the gaming community, providing an immersive and engaging atmosphere for players to enjoy.

Thanks for following along with this exciting journey through the Genji Dodgeball mod in Among Us! With its electrifying gameplay and dynamic abilities, it’s sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. If you loved the experience, don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe for more thrilling adventures! Keep exploring and enjoy the exciting world of gaming!

Sneaky Among Us Blade Ball Creation