Sly Inquisitor Review


The Inquisitor Review

The Inquisitor: An Ambitious Yet Flawed Detective Game

If you’re a fan of dark medieval settings and intriguing mysteries, then The Inquisitor, a game available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, might pique your interest. Playing as a medieval Church cop on a quest to hunt a vampire in the town of Kerstein sets the stage for an exciting detective adventure. However, while the game holds promise, it falls short in certain aspects, failing to fully deliver the immersive experience it initially suggests.

An Intriguing Concept with Frustrating Execution

The story of The Inquisitor is based on the dark fantasy novels of Polish writer Yachak Pakara, painting an alternate religious history where Jesus Christ breaks free of his crucifixion and leads a vengeful army to conquer the Roman Empire. The set-up promises tough decisions in conversations and interrogations, emphasizing a world where moral values differ significantly from our own.

While the game introduces interesting characters and a compelling storyline, it falls short in making the consequences of your choices genuinely impactful. With multiple playthroughs, it becomes apparent that the storyline remains relatively unaffected by the player’s decisions, making the promised tough moral choices feel inconsequential.

Sly Inquisitor Review

Action and Investigation: Missed Opportunities

The Inquisitor intertwines detective work with action sequences and supernatural elements. However, it fails to strike the right balance, with action scenes lacking challenge and detective work often feeling unnecessary due to the game’s reliance on a supernatural ‘detective vision’ feature.

Throughout the game, swordfights and action sequences are described as relatively straightforward, with enemies proving to be predictable and lacking the ability to provide a real challenge for the player.

Troubling Technical Hiccups and Missed Potential

Technical issues, such as prompts not working as intended and a lack of clear pointers within certain sequences, can frustrate players and detract from the immersive experience. A promising dungeon sequence is dampened by navigation issues and a lack of clear direction, resulting in a diminished sense of tension and excitement.

Final Verdict: A Balancing Act with Room for Improvement

Despite its shortcomings, The Inquisitor offers a fascinating world with potential for engaging detective gameplay. While the game falls short in crucial areas such as impactful decision-making and technical refinement, its compelling backdrop and intriguing narrative ensure that it still holds potential for future improvements and developments.

For players seeking a detective game set in a dark, medieval world, The Inquisitor presents an opportunity to experience an alternate history filled with mystery and suspense, despite its current limitations.

Sly Inquisitor Review

Overall, The Inquisitor serves as a compelling entry into the detective game genre, offering a rich world that may captivate players willing to overlook its current flaws.

Sly Inquisitor Review