Sly Comment on Gender Double Standard


"sexual harassment is fine as long as it's a woman doing it" (Suicide Squad)

Asmongold Reacts To: Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Situation

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During a recent reaction video, Asmongold discussed the portrayal of a character in the trailer for Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League. He expressed concern about what appears to be a double standard regarding the portrayal of male and female characters in video games.

The Content of the Reaction

In the video, Asmongold reacted to a particular scene involving Harley Quinn and another character. He voiced his discomfort with the seemingly different standards used for male and female characters in video games. Asmongold pointed out that while the character of Harley Quinn is portrayed as a psychopath, she is not one-dimensionally evil, which he finds intriguing.

Sly Comment on Gender Double Standard

Asmongold commented on the portrayal of a male character who behaves similarly to Harley Quinn and expressed doubt that it would be accepted by the production team or portrayed with sympathy.

Addressing Double Standards

Asmongold further highlighted the apparent double standard, noting that there seems to be more leniency for female characters to objectify and invade the personal space of male characters, compared to the way male characters are treated in similar situations.

Concluding Remarks

Asmongold’s reaction raises an essential point about the portrayal of characters in video games and the presence of double standards. Such discussions fuel critical conversations within the gaming community, shedding light on the need for fair and empathetic representation across all characters, irrespective of their gender.

It’s important to acknowledge and engage with different perspectives on these topics to foster a more inclusive and thoughtful gaming environment for all players and characters.

Sly Comment on Gender Double Standard