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    Skull and Bones – “not a narrative game”

    Ubisoft’s upcoming pirated game Skull and Bones “is not a story-driven game.”

    According to game director Ryan Barnard, while there will be “narrative parts” in the game, they will focus on the player’s own story. The game has a “main story”, but it is a “non-narrative” game.

    Skull and Bones is not a narrative game. We have narrative elements – in the game you will meet important NPCs called Kingpins who have their own stories that you learn by developing relationships with them, entering into contracts with them. The game has a main story, with the help of which we build the entire world lore, but this is not the main thing. We want players to create their own stories and be able to choose what kind of pirate they want to be.

    That being said, what guides you through the progression system we call Infamy is the fact that you will get access to blueprints in the game that will give you different types of ships, weapons and armor, and you will need them as you go. you move and explore the world to be effective against new enemies.

    Barnard also talked about the gameplay. Although it is “basically a naval game”, “the player will have to discover many different outposts”, including camps of different factions and hidden treasures, so there will be a lot of gameplay on land. As for why the game isn’t coming to legacy consoles, PS4 and Xbox One?

    I believe that in our development cycle, we wanted to release this game, and given the planned duration of support, it made sense that we would release it on the current generation console.

    As seen on PlayGround

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