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    SilverStone Vida 120 Slim – water cooling system with thin-profile radiator and fan

    An unusual novelty appeared in the assortment of SilverStone. Vida 120 Slim all-in-one LSS boasts much more compact dimensions than usual.

    If usually the LSS heat exchanger consists of a 27 mm thick radiator and a 25 mm thick fan, then in the case of the SilverStone Vida 120 Slim, a thin 22 mm radiator and a 16 mm Carslon are used. The reduced thickness will provide better compatibility, especially in the case of compact systems.

    It is also worth noting the pump, which is not built into the water block, but into the center of the radiator. This approach prolongs the life of the pump, but eats away the useful area of ​​dispersion, which in this case is not much. The pump rotates at a constant 4200 rpm.

    A thin-profile propeller is characterized by a rotation speed of 300-1500 rpm, a capacity of up to 114 m3 / h, which is somehow too much with such a thin impeller, as well as a noise level of 15.9-33.9 dBA.

    As seen on PlayGround

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