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    Shortly before the success of Among Us, the developers were thinking about abandoning the game

    Among Us is one of the biggest hits of recent years, but the development team, Innersloath, was ready to abandon the game before it became popular. In a new interview, Markus Brodmander said that the team was not interested in the project in 2019, as the number of players was declining.

    We were no longer interested in Among Us at the start of 2019. After the release of the third map of the game and a number of bug fixes, the team decided that “that’s enough, it’s time to work on something else.

    Broadmander continued to work on his Henry Stickmin series, while other developers began “nurturing other ideas for new games that have gone pretty far.”

    However, after the surge in popularity of Among Us, Innersloth decided to “ride the wave”. At that time the team thought of making a sequelbut eventually decided to give it up.

    “Should we make Among Us 2 or update the game everyone is already playing?” Bromander says. “There were so many people playing the game that I wanted to keep releasing updates to a wider audience.”

    The game continues to be a success, with the team coming up with new features regularly. In addition, the universe of Among Us will be replenished with one more game: Among Us VR.

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