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    Shooter, Fighter, Cynologist, Medic, Hunter – learning classes in Remnant II

    Developers Remnants II – continuations of Remnant: From the Ashes – not only came up with a new story for the sequel, they also actively worked on the mechanics of the gameplay. For example, they changed the class system.

    Here is what they themselves say about it:

    One of the main features of Remnant II will be a completely redesigned class system. In the first part of the game, classes were distinguished by starting equipment, which allowed them to choose one or another style of play from the very beginning of the adventure. As the game progressed, all equipment eventually became available to any character, regardless of the class chosen at the beginning – it was only necessary to buy or find the right things.
    In Remnant II, the choice made at the beginning will matter!
    Each class will get their own unique development path, which provides exclusive opportunities that are not available to other classes!

    And for some time, developers have posted videos dedicated to a particular class. The Horror Zone has brought them together – and we think there is something to see here!


    Charge! This is a class for players who like hot gunfights.


    Wandering through the ruins of the worlds alone will bring fear to anyone, so it will not be superfluous to take a true friend with you.


    Those who look death in the face with laughter choose the Fighter class. Intimidate your enemies with your mere presence and deal massive damage to anyone foolish enough to stand in your way.


    No one can match the Medic in keeping a squad in top shape. The medic heals well and skillfully disposes of relics. By becoming a Medic, you will heal yourself more successfully and more than once help your allies continue the battle.


    Hunter is a timeless classic. He prefers to fight from a distance, finds targets with ease… and destroys them with accurate shots. Often even before the start of the battle. The hunter’s techniques are built on not wasting a single shot and taking advantage of every tiniest opportunity.

    What class would you choose?

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