Shocking: 28 Free AI Tools


28 AI Tools You'll Be Shocked Are Free

28 Free AI Tools You’ll Be Shocked Are Free

28 Free AI Tools You’ll Be Shocked Are Free

So I run a site called Future tools where I curate all of the coolest AI tools. As of right now, there are 2,431 tools and I’m adding new tools every day. In this video, I want to break down the best free AI tools that are out there.


Starting with ChatGPT, it has a free version that is useful for advice, ideas, content generation, etc. You can find it at

Shocking: 28 Free AI Tools


Google Bard is another free chatbot that is great for browsing the web with the chatbot. For access, visit


Claude from Anthropics is perfect for summarizing lengthy content and has a free version you can use at

Character AI

Character AI is a fun and playful chatbot that allows you to have entertaining conversations with fictional characters. It’s 100% free and accessible at


Perplexity offers a Chrome extension that provides information from websites and can summarize articles. It’s free to use and you can find it at


TextFX is a useful tool for writers, poets, and musicians to overcome writer’s block and be more creative. It was built in collaboration between Google and Lupe Fiasco. You can access it at

Shocking: 28 Free AI Tools

AI For Marketers

HubSpot offers a free AI For Marketers course that can help you optimize marketing strategies and personalize customer experiences. The course is free and you can enroll at

Image Generation Tools

There are various free AI image generation tools available, including Leonardo AI, Dall-e 3, Ideogram, and more. These tools allow for image creation and editing.

If you want to explore more AI tools, you can visit Future Tools.

Remember, the world of AI is full of possibilities, and these free AI tools can help you unleash your creativity and improve your workflows. Give them a try and see how they can enhance your projects and productivity!

Shocking: 28 Free AI Tools

Thank you for exploring these amazing free AI tools!

Shocking: 28 Free AI Tools