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    Shenyi to start for TSM’s LCS Academy team while Mia practices with main roster

    Only one week remains until the start of the 2022 LCS Summer Split, but TSM confirmed today that it hasn’t completely figured out its League of Legends roster situation just yet.

    In a post to Twitter, TSM revealed that 20-year-old prospect Wei “Shenyi” Zi-Jie will be starting for the organization’s Academy team while its recent offseason acquisition of Choi “Mia” Sang-in will be practicing with the main LCS roster and competing in scrims.

    Mia has, according to the statement, been performing well in TSM’s Academy games and in scrims along with his own individual Champions Queue matches. As a result, he has earned himself a chance to play with the main squad with players like veteran top laner Huni, LCS MVP jungler Spica, NA resident AD carry Tactical, and the team’s recent star acquisition, Maple.

    The org said the roster for the LCS Summer Split opening weekend has not been locked down just yet, and that it is a “day-by-day” process. But it will all come down to how well the players can adapt to their environments and how much improvement they’ve shown from the end of the spring to now.

    This year has been a rough journey for TSM, after the team opted for an experimental roster featuring two young players from China’s developmental league, the LDL. Unfortunately for TSM fans, the lack of experience and cohesion prevented the roster from finding much success, along with a few behind-the-scenes issues that caused the coaching staff to move both Shenyi and Keaiduo to the Academy roster on two separate occasions.

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    Last split, the team ended with the worst placement in the organization’s history, finishing in second-to-last place with an abysmal 5-13 record. After such a disappointing season, TSM fans are hoping that an experienced mid laner can help guide the team to greener pastures soon.

    Catch TSM in action when the 2022 LCS Summer Split begins on Friday, June 17.

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