She Won… (and it’s Hilarious)


She Won..

Plus-size Influencer Wins Battle for Extra Seating on Airplanes

Asmongold Clips recently featured a plus-size influencer who fought for accommodations for larger passengers when flying. The influencer triumphed in persuading Southwest Airlines to provide free additional seating for those in need of more space.

The Battle for Inclusivity

The plus-size influencer’s petition to the FAA called for a clear customer size policy to be implemented by all airlines. This move aimed to address the needs of the over 1 million plus-sized individuals in the world. Southwest Airlines responded by offering free or reimbursed extra seats for travelers requiring more comfort.

A Win for Comfort and Safety

Southwest Airlines’ new policy allows plus-sized passengers to book a second seat for free in advance, ensuring a more comfortable and safer experience while flying. This initiative aims to prevent the issue of individuals trying to fit into one seat and struggling during the flight.

She Won… (and it’s Hilarious)

The policy not only provides a solution for those in need of more space but also works to prevent disturbances during flights. By ensuring that all passengers have adequate space, airlines can maintain a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience for everyone on board.

Overall, the influencer’s efforts have led to a positive change in the airline industry, catering to the diverse needs of passengers and promoting inclusivity for all travelers.

With the implementation of this policy, plus-sized individuals can now travel with greater ease, comfort, and peace of mind, marking a significant win for inclusivity and passenger safety in air travel.

She Won… (and it’s Hilarious)