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    Shadows on the Vatican – Act III: Sloth Adventure Announced, Coming to PC in 2023

    To celebrate the first anniversary of their spin-off prequel Shadows on the Vatican: Nightingale, Italian developers Daring Touch have announced Shadows on the Vatican – Act III: Sloth, the next full installment of their classic point-and-click adventure coming to PC via Steam. in 2023.

    Shadows on the Vatican – Act III: Sloth is a four-part religious conspiracy thriller relaunched in a new hand-drawn point-and-click adventure game with redesigned graphics.

    Corruption dwells in darkness at the highest levels of the Catholic Church as a small but powerful cabal secretly pulls the strings of the most important aspects of Italian society. In the penultimate act of the four-part religious conspiracy thriller, in Italy, former priest James Murphy and a hitman named Sylvia must put aside their differences and join forces to unmask The Suits before becoming their new victims.

    Shadows on the Vatican is an intriguing story inspired by true events and freely adapted from David Yallop’s best-selling non-fiction novel In the Name of God. Alternately controlling James and Sylvia, players will explore a variety of beautifully illustrated locations across Rome that look better than ever thanks to completely overhauled hand-drawn graphics and overhauled animations.


    • Inspired by real events and entirely set in Italy.
    • Explore Rome and visit breathtaking hand-drawn locations in Full HD resolution.
    • Complete visual restyling with new 2D models and reworked animations.
    • Puzzles in classic style will challenge any gamer.
    • Control switches between the two playable characters.
    • Full voice acting in English (with subtitles in Italian, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish and possibly other languages)

    Shadows on the Vatican – Act III: Sloth is currently in development and scheduled to release on Steam for Windows PC next year.

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