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    September’s ‘Brawl Party’ – Steam Sale Focused on Violence

    The next sale on Steam is Survival Festival, which will run from August 1 to 8; this is followed by the “Games to be”, which will be held from 3 to 10 October. But between the two, there will be another event with the intriguing name of Brawl Party, a week-long sale due to start on September 19th.

    Brawl Party is a sale themed around games where people hit people over the head with large, heavy objects, or, as the Steam announcement puts it, “games whose main mechanic is melee combat.”

    First of all, these will be “action games with characters, spectacular fighting games, hack-and-slash, [и] musou,” Valve said, although games from other genres may also be available: individual games will be invited to participate in the sale depending on how they meet the required “brawl” criteria, including:

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