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    Seagate introduced a 30 TB HDD

    A few months later, Seagate officially announced its intentions to release the next generation hard drive in mid-2023. This announcement comes after months of publicity for the development of a second-generation hard drive platform that will showcase the latest heated magnetic recording (HAMR) and more than 30TB of storage.

    Seagate’s new HAMR platform is expected to expand memory expansion options. And the company doesn’t plan to stop at 30TB. Seagate is targeting 50TB of storage or more. The company explains in its roadmap that they will consider offering 30TB and above starting in 2023, but did not explain how long it would take to reach 50TB or above.

    The first generation HAMR storage platform has been in use for select customers and Lyve storage systems for some time now, but second generation HAMR drives will be available to everyone with a small caveat. Customer shipments of second-generation 30TB or larger HAMR hard drives will no longer be available in bulk starting in 2023. The company is expected to only ship them to select customers in the data center markets, boosting availability.

    Seagate HAMR technology changes the memory of a hard drive, affecting the media, magnetic layer, read/write heads, controller, drives, and some other hard drive components. There is an assumption that the creation of new parts will be more difficult to manufacture and more expensive for customers.

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