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    SCUM update adds many new weapons

    Gamepires has released another update for SCUM, which has a lot of new weapons, including a very interesting VHS. SCUM updates keep coming out and the latest update brought a bunch of new weapons, including weapons from the developer’s homeland, Croatia.

    The main novelty will be the VHS-2, a universal assault rifle based on the French FAMAS platform. That being said, VHS-2 has its own idiosyncrasies and has certainly carved a niche that will make gamers drool in hopes of getting their hands on it. They are available in two versions – with a guide for optics and with an integrated Red Dot sight.

    As for the rest of the HS Produkt line, there is a VHS-BG, a 40mm grenade launcher, as well as two pistols – HS9 and SF19, the first one can hold only 13 rounds in a clip due to its compactness, and the second – up to 19.

    Added two sniper rifles that are already familiar to fans of shooters. AWM and AWP bring new calibers to the game: .338 for the former and .308 for the latter.

    The Hunter 22 has been updated to look and perform better, with a 12-round magazine, and the new Hunter Carbon hits harder since it’s chambered in 30-06.

    Finally, there’s the makeshift grenade launcher, which won’t win any beauty contests, but is great at blowing things up.

    As seen on PlayGround

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