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    Sci-fi horror Hidden Deep gets a major update and a big discount

    This summer is hot not only on the surface, but also under the seabed. Cogwheel Software’s sci-fi horror game Hidden Deep received a big update yesterday: Kill it With Fire. Players will be able to turn a range of new nasty enemies into barbecue charcoal with the new flamethrower, meet the first NPCs, test their survival skills in three new levels, and more. To celebrate the release of the new update, publisher Daedalic Entertainment is offering a 60% discount on Hidden Deep on Steam this weekend.

    Inspired by classic horror films from the 80s and 90s, Hidden Deep is a sci-fi horror game in which players, alone or with up to three friends, explore a mining station under the ocean floor. Three new levels now throw players even more challenges.

    The “Kill it With Fire” update adds three new enemies to the game that now make exploring the facility even more dangerous than before. You should be wary of zombie-like transmorphs. You also have to be careful when running away from bed bugs or you will step on their nests. Or just roast them with the new flamethrower. If you prefer firearms, you can also kill small and large monsters with a shotgun, small-caliber pistol or submachine gun. If they get too close, players can always resort to using a crowbar. What’s good enough for Mr. Freeman is good enough for our rescue team.

    The new update also introduced NPCs to the game for the first time. At the moment they are friendly and even offer their help, but who knows if they will remain harmless and useful forever…

    As seen on PlayGround

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