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    Sci-fi factory building game Techtonica is out on PC and Xbox

    Get ready to sculpt the landscape and conquer industrial logistics in the first-person factory automation game Techtonica, available now on PC on Steam and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Fire Hose Games takes players into the intricate and living cave systems of the alien planet Calix, where they build their sprawling factories and unravel the mystery of what went wrong.

    Bursting with bioluminescent life, Calix is ​​as rich in resources as it is in sci-fi intrigue. As players shape the landscape of Calix and gather materials to build their vast factories and turn them into their headquarters, they will also begin to learn what happened to the other members of the expedition.

    As players expand their operations, they want to network machines and use conveyor belts and shelving systems to automate their factories and turn them into streamlined, sprawling industrial complexes. In the twisting caverns, players can expect scannable artifacts and research results for more powerful technology and improved automation systems. The more they explore, the more they learn about the world of the living and what happened there.

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