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    Scaramuccia and Faruzan Coming to Genshin Impact in Patch 3.3

    In the 3.3 update of Genshin Impact, Scaramuccia, who is now an Anemo-wielding Wanderer, and a new character named Faruzan were announced.

    Developer Hoyoverse unveiled two new characters this morning. Both of them are Anemo users, which suggests that Faruzan will be a four-star character tied to Scaramucci’s five-star banner as a specialized support., like how Goru and Itto or Sarah and Raiden work together.

    Scaramuccia was first introduced in Genshin Impact about two years ago, almost immediately after the game’s launch via a now-forgotten story event, and he was a central figure in Inazuma’s 2.0 storyline as one of the Harbingers of Fatui. Despite being a villain with relatively little screen time, Scaramuccia has consistently amassed a large and apparently greedy fan base, as evidenced by the nearly 100,000 reposts his English twitter has racked up in just a few hours.

    As we learned in the recent Patch 3.2 preview stream, one of Scaramucci’s incarnations will soon become a weekly boss, unlike Tartaglia, the only other playable Harbinger. Without wanting to spoil it, although he has always had electrical powers up until now, the events of Sumeru apparently altered his elemental powers granted by the gods, hence the new Anemo powers of the Wanderer.

    Less is known about Faruzan, whom we’ve never seen before and is simply referred to as the “mysterious mechanic”. More detailed post at Instagram from Hoyoverse describes Faruzan as a brilliant engineer, famous among local Sumeru students and affectionately referred to as “Madame” by those seeking mechanical lessons despite being “shunned” in her own Harawatat home. The academy has been the main focus of Sumeru’s story so far, and it looks like we’ll continue to meet new students even after the 3.2 update concludes the region’s Archon storyline.

    A third character named Kaveh was also quietly announced in Japanese Twitter Genshin Impact. At the moment, we only know Kaveha’s Japanese voice actor, Yuuma Uchida, who is best known for his roles in anime such as Banana Fish and Magic Battle. It looks like Kaveh won’t be playable in 3.3, but it can be used in quests somehow and may become playable in future updates.

    Update 3.3 Genshin Impact will also introduce the previously announced permanent Genius Invokation in-game TCG, as shown in a separate tweet from the official account of the game. The PvE-focused game lets you challenge other characters in the world or play with friends for fun (no PvP ranking or rewards), and today’s post gave us our first look at a few card designs. Characters, bosses, weapons, and even food items from various regions have obviously been turned into cards, so there’s something for collectors to do in Genius Invokation.

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