Scandal rocks Nijisanji as fans revolt


Things get even worse for Nijisanji as people revolt for Selen

The Growing Backlash Against Nijisanji

New Controversy Arises

The fallout from Selen Tatsuki’s termination continues to escalate within the Nijisanji community. People are revolting against the company, resulting in a significant drop in channel subscribers.

The Rise of “Kuro Sanji”

Amidst the controversy, a new meme has emerged, referring to Nijisanji as “Kuro Sanji,” with references to the company acting as a “black company.”

Financial Implications

The company’s stocks have dropped significantly following recent events. Nijisanji’s overall performance has seen a decline in its subscriber count and viewership, indicating the impact of the termination controversy on its financial health.

Scandal rocks Nijisanji as fans revolt

Viewer Revolt and Support for the Livers

Many viewers are voicing their support for the content creators while expressing their unwillingness to support the company. Some are unsubscribing and are considering alternative ways to support the livers directly.

An Uncertain Future

The trust in Nijisanji has been fundamentally broken, and the company’s ability to regain that trust has been called into question. The backlash is reminiscent of other corporate scandals and their long-term impact on public perception.

Creators Speak Out

The official termination notice issued by Nijisanji has been disputed by creators who stated that Selen Tatsuki had personally paid their commissions due to the company’s failure to do so.

In conclusion, the situation for Nijisanji appears to be increasingly precarious, as the fallout from Selen Tatsuki’s termination shows no signs of abating.

On a more positive note, the support for independent content creators, such as Doki Bird, continues to grow, with many people choosing to show their support for individual creators directly.

Scandal rocks Nijisanji as fans revolt

Author’s Note:

For more updates, be sure to follow Doki Bird’s social media channels.

As always, thank you for your time and continued support. Keep spreading positivity and enjoying great content from your favorite creators!

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Scandal rocks Nijisanji as fans revolt