SAMTIME: 30 Days of Android


I Switched to Android for 30 Days

I Switched to Android for 30 Days: A New Adventure

Long-time Apple fanboy Sam Tucker decided to trade in his iPhone for a Google Pixel 6A for 30 days. His motivation for the switch? Disappointment with the direction tech companies, particularly Apple, were taking with feature removal and increasing prices. Sam wanted to regain control and explore the Android ecosystem.

The Android Weapon of Choice

Sam opted for the Google Pixel 6A as his Android device of choice due to its affordability as a secondhand purchase. He also highlighted it as an experiment, not wanting to fully invest in a brand new device. Additionally, he chose the Ugreen Nexode Pro 100W Charger, praising its compact size and powerful charging capabilities.

Setting up Android

After installing Graphene OS on his Google Pixel 6A, Sam found the minimalist Android 14 setup refreshing. He explored the world of alternate app stores, such as the F Droid store for open-source apps, enjoying the ability to customize his device according to his preferences.

SAMTIME: 30 Days of Android

Discovering the Benefits of Android

Sam appreciated the level of control and customization that Android offered, particularly in Graphene OS, which allowed him to limit network access for installed apps. He also found the availability of open-source apps and the proper file system to be valuable features. Switching from gesture mode to the three-button mode was a highlight, as was the ability to create multiple users on his device.

Adjusting to Android

While Sam admitted that the iPhone had a more polished feel and less intrusive notifications, he ultimately valued the sense of control and sovereignty that Android provided over his devices.

Embracing the Android Alternatives

To accommodate the transition to Android, Sam shared alternatives to popular iPhone features. This included using web browser access to the shared Apple reminders list, an open-source application called Local Send for wireless file sharing, and the encrypted messaging platform Signal for video calls and chat.

The Verdict

After spending 30 days with Android, Sam embraced his new status as an Android user. He expressed his satisfaction with Graphene OS and emphasized the value of having more control and options for customization. He also extended his gratitude to Ugreen for their support and encouraged his audience to subscribe for future updates.

As Sam bids farewell to 2023, he looks forward to an exciting 2024, full of new adventures and possibilities.

SAMTIME: 30 Days of Android

SAMTIME: 30 Days of Android