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    Samsung Launches Space Tycoon Virtual Gaming Platform Powered by Roblox

    Now companies gently promote their products playfully.

    As conceived by the company, Space Tycoon is a virtual space where users can create and play games, as well as enjoy the experience of using Samsung devices in the company of space aliens. Design and basic mechanics borrowed from tycoons. On their gaming platform, and it would be better if it were an analogue of GFN, users will be able to learn more about the brand and communicate with each other.

    Space Tycoon consists of three special play areas: a resource extraction area, a shop for buying in-game items, and a production lab. The game takes place on the Samsung space station, as well as a research center where alien characters study the novelties of the Korean tech giant.

    Using the extracted resources, users can create various products – from Galaxy smartphones to TVs and household appliances – as well as purchase and improve game items. Real devices can be turned into gaming gadgets. For example, the Galaxy Z Flip foldable smartphone transforms into a bag or scooter, the Jet Bot vacuum cleaner into a hoverboard, and The Sero interior TV into a personal helicopter.

    Space Tycoon is designed as a platform to experience the unlimited possibilities of virtual space,” said Jinsu Kim, executive vice president of the Samsung Electronics Corporate Design Center. “We wanted to help Generation Z test Samsung products in a new way. Going forward, we will continue to introduce various content that will bring a deeper and more engaging digital experience to our current and future users.

    A similar project was recently launched by the Russian Cultural Initiatives Foundation. The project is called SuperCity and there you are invited to become a resident of the city, in which buildings from key cities are collected and there are a number of tasks that you can complete to become the mayor of the city. Again, the project is based on Roblox. When did it happen that games became virtual showcases of shops and government agencies?

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