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    Samsung Develops GDDR7 Memory for Next-Generation Graphics Cards from 32 Gb/s to 1.5 TB/s

    Yesterday, Samsung announced the development of the industry’s first GDDR7 DRAM for next-generation graphics cards.

    The development of GDDR7 DRAM was completed almost 8 months after the first announcement of this video memory – then Samsung announced that GDDR7 will use PAM3 technology and provide speeds up to 36 Gb / s when data is pedeached.

    It is worth noting that Micron also announced its desire to produce GDDR7 DRAM memory, but the development has not yet been announced. Micron said the new memory standard will be launched in the first half of 2024.

    If we talk about Samsung GDDR7 memory, then it will clearly be used in the next generation of GPUs in the field of artificial intelligence, high performance computing, gaming industry and automotive industry.

    The new standard will be installed in next-generation systems as early as next year, so it’s likely that gaming graphics cards will also get them closer to next summer. According to Samsung, GDDR7 memory will provide a 40% performance improvement and 20% energy efficiency improvement over the current fastest GDDR6 DRAM with up to 24Gb/s throughput and up to 16Gb per die.

    The company’s first commercial products will feature data rates up to 32 Gbps, a 33% improvement over GDDR6 memory, with Samsung achieving up to 1.5 TB/s throughput using a 384-bit bus interface.

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