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    Russia’s first eSports Olympic reserve school opens in Novosibirsk

    In the Russian Federation, the country’s first eSports Olympic reserve school was opened. The city where this institution appeared was Novosibirsk.

    As part of the classes, students will not only develop in various eSports disciplines, but also learn computer literacy. This condition was commented by the Vice-President of the Russian Computer Sports Federation:

    Alexey Shemyakin

    To be good at handling the sports equipment you have to compete with, of course, you need to be well versed in computers and, let’s say, in the operating system, in order to be able to make all the settings for yourself.

    Physical training will also be included in the training, which was the reason for the emergence of an e-sports school based on a shooting school. The Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Novosibirsk Region spoke about the opening of the educational institution:

    Sergei Akhapov

    The sooner we start developing, the more priority will be our successes in the all-Russian and international arena.

    Earlier, the State Duma discussed the possibility of introducing elective eSports classes in schools.

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