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    Rumor: Disney management is ready to sell the entire company

    Disney is considered one of the largest media companies in the entertainment industry. Its assets include several studios for the production of cartoons, animated films, games, and also streaming platforms. Quite unexpectedly, rumors appeared on the network that this entire huge empire could collapse and go looking for a new owner.

    With Disney’s massive entertainment expansion taking over Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Studios, it’s pretty strange to even hear about the possibility of selling Disney itself. However, insiders and analysts are confident in a disastrous future for the company. According to them, the company’s management, headed by Bob Iger, is plotting a large-scale restructuring. It’s hard to predict what Disney will end up with, but executives are seriously discussing a full sale of the company.

    According to insiders, first of all Disney will seek to get rid of unprofitable business. According to preliminary estimates, the company will suffer losses of $800 million this year. Such losses are associated with failed film rentals, stranded policies of inclusivity and streaming. It is assumed that the company may sell its Disney + and Hulu in the near future. If this does not help to cope with the crisis, more radical methods may be used, including the sale of the studio. Apple is said to be the potential buyer of all Disney assets.

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