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    Roger Clark issued a statement after the bad news regarding Red Dead Online

    It’s always sad when your favorite online game closes. Unfortunately for Red Dead Online players, this possibility is becoming more and more likely. Rockstar intends to keep the servers running and continue to host seasonal events for some time to come. However, the studio has made it clear that the MMO is on life support and its developers are turning to work on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6.

    However, Red Dead Online fans aren’t the only ones mourning the game’s inevitable death. In today’s tweet, the actor who played Arthur Morgan expressed his sympathy for fans. “Though I mourn with you today, I know this community will never die.” Members of the Red Dead Online community appreciated the actor’s expression of support. And while not everyone knew about the fan funeral for Red Dead Online, those who knew about the situation generally appreciated Clark’s statement.

    The funeral of Red Dead Online took place today and #RedDeadFuneral is trending on Twitter. To be clear, Rockstar will continue to support the game in the near future. However, Red Dead Online hasn’t received any new content since July 2021, and it’s unlikely there will be any new content.

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