Robots Take Over! AI News with Matt Wolfe


AI News: The Robots Are Coming!

AI News: Weekly Recap of Latest Innovations and Events

In this weekly AI news recap, get ready to explore the cutting-edge advancements and events that have been making waves in the world of artificial intelligence. From OpenAI’s foray into the GPT store to the latest developments in robotics, there is a lot to unpack.

GPT Store Launch & OpenAI’s Publisher Deals

The GPT store has been a hot topic, with OpenAI announcing the launch of this innovative platform. The store allows users to create and monetize their own custom chatbots within ChatGPT. Additionally, OpenAI has been striking deals with publishers, offering to pay them for access to their news content for AI training data—a move that has sparked a debate within the industry.

Microsoft’s AI Integration and Google’s New Offerings

On the hardware front, Microsoft has unveiled the Copilot key, promising to offer easy access to their AI-powered Copilot feature. Meanwhile, Google’s Bard Ultra, part of their Gemini suite, is set to provide a premium AI experience with a paid subscription.

Robots Take Over! AI News with Matt Wolfe

Advancements in AI-Powered Robotics

DeepMind’s latest research in robotics, including Auto RT and RT Trajectory, showcases the potential of AI to drive innovation in this field. Additionally, the Mobile Aloha robot has been making waves with its autonomous capabilities and open-source accessibility, bringing advanced robotics within reach for enthusiasts.

Breakthroughs in AI Mind-Reading and Legal AI

On the AI mind-reading front, the introduction of Dewave, a mind-reading AI tool, presents possibilities for assisting individuals with paralysis. Furthermore, the US Supreme Court’s year-end report addressed the growing role of AI in the legal system, highlighting both its potential benefits and challenges.

Upcoming Tech Unveilings and CES 2024 Highlights

Exciting announcements from Rabbit Tech and Samsung’s forthcoming AI-powered mobile experience have piqued interest, while the pending Consumer Electronics Show (CES) promises a surge of AI-related reveals and innovations.

As we dive into 2024, the intersection of AI and diverse industries promises an era of unprecedented innovation and transformation. Stay tuned to this space for more updates and developments!

Are you ready to witness the future unfold? Embrace the power of AI and gear up for a year filled with groundbreaking technology and advancements. Let’s embark on this journey into a future powered by AI!

Robots Take Over! AI News with Matt Wolfe

Robots Take Over! AI News with Matt Wolfe