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    Risk of Rain Returns Trailer Introduces Drifter, First New Survivor

    Hopoo Games’ Risk of Rain Returns, a remake of the 2013 classic, comes out later this year and features 15 playable survivors. Two of them are new, the first one is shown in a recent trailer.

    The Drifter is a fighter whose main melee combo, Blunt Force, creates Scrap. You can also use Suffocate, a melee attack that stuns and deals 200% damage, immediately turning enemies below 20% into Scrap. With enough scrap metal, refinement becomes available, allowing you to shoot the scrap metal like a shotgun.

    Finally, there is Salvation. When the scrap meter is three-quarters full, the Drifter creates four temporary items for allies. This is a great way to show support, but it also works alone, as you can host them yourself. However, the key word is “temporary” – the items will expire, so keep doing scrap and recycling to do more. The Drifter has alternate abilities, details of which will come later.

    Risk of Rain Returns is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC, but no date has been announced yet.

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