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    RIOT will cancel League of Legends MMO if it’s not good enough

    MMO League of Legends executive producer says Riot will cancel the game if it’s not good enough.

    In an interview with Kanon, Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street talked about MMOs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14, suggesting that a major aspect of their success comes down to the budget developers have to implement their ideas. Asked if he’s happy with the amount Riot has given to his project, Street said “one of the nice things about Riot is that we don’t run out of money.”

    With the global success of League of Legends backing the company, Street says he doesn’t have “a publisher who says, ‘You have to release the game by Christmas or we’re canceling’. Instead, he has to fight quality – “Riot will cancel game if it’s not good enough. They’re not going to cancel the game because it’s too expensive.”

    To clarify this statement, Street says that “they go hand in hand. You can make a very expensive, bad game and I’ll get fired. We can make a less expensive game that still really captures hearts and minds, but we don’t have financial carte blanche instead of spending money on League of Legends MMOs, Riot could use that money to make a new game or “double spending on Valorant” To justify his request for additional funds, Street should consider Riot’s perception of the project – “What does the game look like, what do playtesters say, how do we cope with the tasks set?”.

    “In the simplest sense, you can think of it like this: ‘You get some money, if you spend it well, it will give you more. If you spend them badly, then most likely not. “And in our case, instead of releasing a bad game, it will simply be rejected.”

    This isn’t the first time Street has spoken directly about the fate of the League of Legends MMO. Back in April, he noted that nothing is certain in game development. He also talked about how the game was revealed very early, telling fans that the team expected the project to be leaked, but Riot decided it was best to break the news themselves. While development is said to be going well, it will likely be a few years before Riot reveals its MMO – if it even sees the light of day, of course.

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