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    Riot to test ‘very very’ experimental Pyke changes on League of Legends PBE

    Captain Gameplay, a game designer for League of Legends, has shared some experimental Pyke changes that are set to come to the PBE servers shortly. They aim to modify his ultimate by a considerable margin.

    The Bloodharbor Ripper will receive “infinite execute threshold scaling on his R everytime he executes anything from any source,” Captain Gameplay explained in a post on social media.

    On the live servers, Pyke has an execute threshold that depends on his level. Starting at level six, the threshold is at 250 health, reaching 550 health once the champion hits 550 health. The proposed changes that are hitting the PBE servers will presumably make his ultimate’s threshold increase every time he executes an enemy with it. It’s unclear, however, whether Captain Gameplay meant the re-cast window after scoring an elimination with Death From Below or the length of the whole match overall.

    Many champions were targeted with balance changes in the latest patch. Pyke, though, wasn’t included on the list of champion buffs or nerfs. In Patch 12.7, the Bloodharbor Ripper had a 49.86 percent win ratio, according to a stat site U.GG.

    In competitive play, Pyke hasn’t been a priority in recent months. In the 2022 Spring Split playoffs of major leagues across the world, including the LEC, LCK, LPL, and LCS, the champ was only picked twice, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

    Whether Pyke’s experimental changes make it to the live servers remains to be seen.

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