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    Riot is targeting Varus, Braum, Thresh, and Hecarim with buffs in League Patch 12.19

    The Riot devs have shared some juicy details ahead of League of Legends Patch 12.19.

    Varus, Braum, Thresh, and Hecarim are each receiving buffs next week, according to Riot game balance designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, who detailed the upcoming balance changes in a patch preview posted on social media on May 3

    Riot is honing in on champions that are well in need of a fresh lick of paint in the next patch. Varus, who has fallen out of popularity in solo queue and pro play in recent months, is taking on changes that cater to his on-hit build. In the form of bonus attack speed against champions and minions, as well as a boost of damage, these changes aim to give the champion more of a leg to stand on.


    • Passive (Living Vengeance) minion attack speed: 10/15/20 (+15 percent bonus AS) > 10/15/20 (+20 percent bonus AS)
    • Passive (Living Vengeance) champion attack speed: 40 percent (+30 percent bonus AS) > 40 percent (+40 percent bonus AS)
    • Blighted Quiver (W) on-hit: seven to 21 (+30 percent AP) > seven to 27 (+30 percent AP)

    Braum, another champion that’s clearly in need of some love, is receiving changes to his passive (Concussive Blows) cooldown and E (Unbreakable) damage reduction in the next patch. These changes should give the champion a boost in the late game, making him more of a threat in teamfights.


    • Passive (Concussive Blows) target cooldown: eight to six > eight to four (level one, seven, 13)
    • E (Unbreakable) damage reduction: 30 to 40 percent > 35 to 55 percent

    Thresh, a popular champion that has recently fallen out of favor on Summoner’s Rift, is also receiving balance changes in Patch 12.9. The devs are increasing the champion’s ability power and bonus armor granted from souls and the souls gained from using W (Dark Passage). These changes, while relatively minor, should make Thresh more of a reliable champion in the late game, boosting his survivability against AD threats.

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    • Passive (Damnation) AP and AR per soul: 0.75 > one
    • W (Dark Passage) shield: 60 to 180 (+one soul) > 60 to 180 (+two souls)

    Hecarim is the final champion being graced with buffs in the next patch. In the form of a slight boost to his Q (Rampage) bonus AD ratio, the devs are forcing the jungler into more of a bruiser role. This change should help to diversify the champion somewhat.


    • Passive (Rampage) bAD ratio: 85 percent > 90 percent

    All of the champion buffs listed above are tentative and are liable to change before Patch 12.19 hits the live servers on Wednesday, May 11, according to Riot. On top of champion buffs, nerfs are also coming to the next patch.

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