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    Riot Games gives first in-game look at Fade, VALORANT’s terrifying new initiator

    Riot Games has finally revealed official gameplay footage for Fade, the new VALORANT initiator, giving players a taste of the new initiator’s devastating abilities.

    Fans got a look at Fade earlier today before the 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavík Grand Final between OpTic Gaming and LOUD, providing some insight on the mission where several agents captured Fade in Instanbul. The assignment was previously revealed in an audio message in the Shooting Range, and fans got to see the spooky new character in action as she took on several agents by herself. New in-game footage revealed after OpTic secured the Grand Final for North America shows how Fade’s abilities actually work.

    Fade can use her Haunt ability to throw a grenade that springs to life and marks any enemies within a certain area. The players are marked on-screen and are tracked with a line of black smoke for a short period. This is a great way to clear corners and areas, but the ability can be shot and destroyed.

    Fade’s Seize ability allows her to throw an orb that drops to the ground after a short period, trapping players in a specific zone for easy kills. She can also deploy a Prowler, which travels in a straight line and locks onto enemies or trails.

    The new Nightfall Ultimate ability allows Fade to send out “nightmare energy” that can travel through walls. Enemies in the area are marked with a trail similar to the one created by the Haunt ability and are deafened and decayed.

    Fade will be introduced in Episode Three, Act Four, so get ready to see a terrifying new agent running around.

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