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    Riot details Taliyah’s mid-scope ability updates, including return of AOE damage on Threaded Volley, Unraveled Earth buffs, and more

    In League of Legends, Taliyah might be known for throwing stones around on the Summoner’s Rift, but Riot Games is planning a whole mountain of changes to her kit in an upcoming mid-scope update that should add some boulders to her arsenal.

    Riot’s lead champion designer August Browning gave a first look at the changelist for Runeterra’s resident rock wrangler, and they’re sweeping changes to how she’ll be played. Her burst power and early roaming power is being nerfed, but she is also getting some significant adjustments to her other abilities that could throw her back into the meta once again.

    For example, Taliyah is getting back her area-of-effect damage on her Q, Threaded Volley. The ability will now deal damage in a 175 unit radius when she hits a target, and its cooldown is being reduced as well. The biggest change to the ability, however, is that when Threaded Volley is used on worked ground, she will now toss a single hit boulder that deals twice the damage to the primary target, has a 225 unit radius on its area-of-effect, and slows that target for two seconds.

    This also consumes the worked ground that she’s standing on, and provides her with another form of damage and crowd control that she can combo with her Seismic Shove. Speaking of which, the shove is getting adjusted, with its damage being removed completely. As a trade-off, its knock-up delay is now decreased, the effect radius has been increased by 25 units, and both its cooldown and mana costs are being reduced.

    Taliyah’s Unraveled Earth ability is also getting some big changes to its effectiveness against mobile champions, including a one-second stun that applies to any enemies that dash through the rock field. The ability’s upfront damage, range, and duration have been increased, but the second portion of the field doesn’t deal any damage unless a champion dashes through it. Additionally, if the rocks detonate, they deal less damage than before.

    As for her ultimate, Weaver’s Wall, Taliyah no longer gets knocked off her wall while she’s casting it out, and she can now dash in a targeted direction up to 700 units. She cannot cast the wall within three seconds of taking damage from an enemy champion or turret.

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