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    Riot confirms TFT Set 7 PBE and Live release dates in 12.8 Patch Rundown

    Today’s Patch 12.8 Rundown confirmed an official release date for Teamfight Tactics Set Seven and PBE launch. Game designer Kent “Riot Kent” Wu and live balance designer Brad “Riot Blizz” Dallaire also highlighted several important balance changes within the upcoming update. 

    Players still have time to play Set 6.5 with the TFT Set Seven PBE, scheduled to drop via Patch 12.10 on May 25 (or on May 24, later in the day). The official live release for Set Seven will take place on June 8 via Patch 12.11. Patch 12.9 and 12.10 will contain “for fun” changes that take place at the end of every TFT set, according to Riot Kent and Blizz, making Patch 12.8 the ideal update to climb the Ranked ladder. 

    In addition to the TFT Set Seven release dates, several big balance changes are expected to take place within Patch 12.8. The Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship is getting played on Patch 12.7, meaning any changes that go live on April 27 will not affect the TFT Worlds meta. 

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    Calls for Mutant trait nerfs have been heard by the TFT team, resulting in a direct nerf to Kha’Zix, along with Voracious Appetite and Cybernetic Enhancement. Also taking a hit is the Scrap trait at four and six. The TFT team also adjusted attack speed slow effects, buffing Zilean’s attack speed slow while nerfing Ekko’s. 

    Minor changes included a buff to some TFT Set 6.5 four-cost champions at three-star. Radiant Quicksilver was buffed. And a system change was applied to Double Up, removing the half (rounded down) damage players would take after each combat round.

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