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    Riot adds more lore teasers around Fade’s release to VALORANT’s practice range

    There’s nowhere to run or hide, agents. Riot Games finally revealed VALORANT‘s shadowy new agent Fade, and she’s ready to find out all your deepest fears. And to tease her arrival, Riot scattered some new teasers on the firing range, which should give an inkling of what Fade is fighting for and her motivations in the lore.

    For example, there is a new audio message on the laptop found in the little nook found at the shooting range. The log starts with Cypher interrogating Fade after capturing her during her fight against several agents in her reveal trailer. He questions what she knows about the VALORANT Protocol, and she names off several aspects of the operation, including the location of the group’s headquarters, their operating guidelines, the budget of the research and development department, and more.

    Screengrab via Riot Games

    Afterward, Cypher says that her first communication to the agents was about someone important that she had lost, and how she believes he was taken by the VALORANT Protocol. Cypher assures her they “are not in the kidnapping business,” and then reveals the bombshell that there are multiple different worlds that mirror their own.

    In Brimstone’s underground office, there are more teasers about Fade’s role in VALORANT Protocol. The voice recorder on the couch has a message from Cypher to Brimstone, where the agent says Fade should be recruited into the group after analyzing her interrogation. Fade also has a message for Brimstone, where she says that she’ll support the group, wear the banner, and help explore Omega Earth, but only if it helps her get closer to finding her missing person.

    Screengrab via Riot Games

    Finally, on the laptop, there’s an email from Jett where she is voicing her displeasure around Fade joining the team. She says Fade “[terrorized them] for weeks” and even blackmailed them, but now he’s giving her a spot on the roster. Ultimately, Fade is an uneasy ally, but a welcome one as the rest of the VALORANT Protocol continue their missions.

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