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    Rick has started randomly appearing in the MultiVersus player lobby

    Several MultiVersus players have started seeing Rick appear on the character select screen.

    Last week at San Diego Comic-Con, Player First Games announced that Rick and Morty would appear in the game during its first season, which is currently scheduled for August 9th. Nothing has been shown other than their featured on-screen image, but data miners have long been aware of both characters being added to the game as their movesets have been in the code for some time.

    It now appears that some players are actually forcing Rick to appear on the character select screen. Twitch streamer ConnorEatsPants was streaming MultiVersus when a random player joined his group. When Connor is about to change some settings, the other player hover over Rick Sanchez, making him appear next to with Connor’s character on the selection screen.

    Connor notices that Rick is there while the other player is trying to select another character, Connor asks him to return to Rick, which he does. Connor then wonders aloud how he managed to choose Rick. From this brief look at Rick, you can see that his idle animation on the selection screen is reaching for the pocket behind the portal gun.

    And this is not the only case. Twitter Mirrorman user shared footage stream where a random player automatically joins their group after the match. Wondering how they started the party, unwittingly, the player shuffles their character selection and Rick reappears on the selection screen.

    The most obvious reason for this is that the hackers managed to add Rick to their game. When MultiVersus was still in its Early Access open beta period, we saw one player manage to get their entire moveset and character into the game, so it’s likely that others followed suit and hacked to get it. Another possibility is that he accidentally appears as a teaser, but this is unlikely.

    As seen on PlayGround

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