Ribbiting Shenanigans: IGN Frog & Toad Official Season 2 Trailer


Frog and Toad - Official Season 2 Trailer (2024) Nat Faxon, Kevin Michael Richardson

Frog and Toad: Embracing Differences in Friendship

Embark on brand new adventures with the upcoming Season 2 of Frog and Toad! The animated series features the lovable characters Frog and Toad, voiced by Nat Faxon and Kevin Michael Richardson. Joined by a talented cast including Ron Fuches, Fortune Feimster, and more, this season promises to bring heartwarming tales of friendship to life. All episodes premiere on May 31 on Apple TV+.

A Tale of Friendship

Frog is a frog, Toad is a toad, and together they showcase the true essence of friendship. While they share many similarities, they also celebrate their differences. Through their adventures, viewers learn that true friendship lies not just in common interests but in embracing each other’s uniqueness.

Embracing Uniqueness

Our differences are what make us special, and Frog and Toad exemplify this beautifully. They showcase the importance of accepting and cherishing what sets us apart, making their bond even stronger. The series highlights the joy found in celebrating diversity and individuality.

Ribbiting Shenanigans: IGN Frog & Toad Official Season 2 Trailer

“Do you like stories, Toad?” Frog asks, kicking off another delightful escapade. From visiting the big hole to taking a swim, each episode promises heartwarming moments that remind us of the beauty of true friendship.

As the Sun shines, Frog reflects on the wonders of life with Toad by his side. Their adventures are filled with laughter, learning, and most importantly, love for one another. Join in on their heartwarming journey and let their friendship inspire you to embrace the differences that make each of us unique.

Don’t miss the next chapter in the journey of Frog and Toad, where friendship knows no bounds and differences are celebrated with open arms. Get ready to dive into a world where true friendship shines bright!

Positive Ending: Get ready to hop into a world of friendship, laughter, and acceptance with Frog and Toad. Let their adventures remind you of the beauty of embracing differences and the joy found in true friendship!

Ribbiting Shenanigans: IGN Frog & Toad Official Season 2 Trailer