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    Reworking PVE in Warface: stage 1 – disabling crafting

    We are glad to inform you that in one of the future updates you will find a reworking of the PvE system, part of which will be a new system of rewards for completing special operations. We will inform you more about the changes in future publications, but for now let’s talk about the transition process: one of its stages will be the shutdown of the current crafting system.

    About craft

    The in-game crafting system appeared in May 2020 with the Warcraft update. Its main goal was to form a fair system of rewards, which would depend only on the efforts of the user. But over time, this stopped working, since the crafting system included mainly serial models of previously added weapons that were not competitive. Therefore, most players lost their motivation to accumulate cards – it was interesting only to a very limited circle of collectors.

    We have decided to disable crafting in future updates, and as compensation, give players all possible items for which they have at least one card, and add free cards to build one additional item. The shutdown of the system will occur in three stages: more about each of them – below.

    Details about converting and disabling


    As mentioned earlier, we will automatically credit players with all the items for which they have at least one crafting card. Now you have the opportunity to collect as many cards of various types as possible in order to get more items for conversion. Hurry up to the game – complete special operations and earn cards!


    Will start with the installation of the last part of the seasonal update “Thirst for Treasures”. When you first enter the game, you will automatically receive all the items for which you have collected any number of cards, and in addition to this, we will credit free cards, rounding their number up to a multiple of a thousand. For example, if you have accumulated 800 free cards in your warehouse, another 200 will be added to them, if you have 4500 of them, 500 pieces will be added accordingly. This way you can spend all your cards and get every weapon for which you have at least one card for your storage.

    The issuance of new cards of any type in rewards will stop completely – only free cards in the game store will be available.


    The transition to the new reward system will take place next season, and along with this, the crafting system will be completely removed from the game.


    Q: Why don’t you just add new guns to the current crafting system and immediately disable it? And in general, you can replace rewards with new crafting cards in old special operations!
    A: The crafting system is used as rewards only in the latest special operations – this approach will not solve the problem of the relevance of the rewards of the old missions. In addition, there will remain the question of the different value of rewards for completing different missions. We can cite the current Special Operations situation as an example – there are currently 15 different Special Operations in the game, but players have always preferred only the latest ones, due to more interesting rewards. Our task is to make all special operations attractive and interesting.

    Q: What will happen to the cards if I do not have time to enter the game during the conversion period?
    A: Logging in to the game is required for the automatic accrual of items. If you do not enter the game at the conversion stage, the weapon will not be credited.

    Q: What happens to my free cards if I don’t use them?
    A: After disabling the crafting system, they will become unavailable.

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