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    Reworked ranked system headed to Apex, season 13 preview page says

    Changes to Apex Legends’ ranked system are on the way, according to a new preview page for season 13, Saviors.

    A new season page went live shortly after the premiere of the Saviors launch trailer today. The page previews changes coming to the battle royale with the next season, including the next legend, map changes, and a short blurb about a new reworked ranked system.

    “Rise and fall through the Ranks together in a reworked Ranked system that rewards teamwork and skill,” the page reads.

    While we don’t know much about the ranked system’s rework—other than the fact that it will arrive with the next season, which is set to hit live servers on May 10—this preview shows Respawn Entertainment has not only heard the community’s frustrations regarding the current system, but is actively taking steps to address these concerns.

    In the current ranked system, players can accrue points for kills and assists, with the player’s placement and ranking of the killed enemy taken into consideration. Season 12 limited the max kill RP from 175 to 125, increased placement points for teams in the top five, and reduced the number of kills required to hit the maximum bonus points. Respawn, at the time of the season 12 patch, wrote that these changes were “more punishing to teams that undervalue placements.”

    This update led to backlash from the Apex community, however. Many players expressed beliefs that these changes led to less-skilled players having an easier time in climbing the ladder; since so much value was being placed on placement, these critics claimed, players could easily rack up points by simply “ratting,” or avoiding teamfights to hide in hard-to-reach places around the map and waiting for other teams to be picked off first. Some professional players, like TSM’s Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, echoed similar sentiments on social media.

    The season 13 preview page says this upcoming ranked update “rewards teamwork and skill,” seemingly suggesting a change that leans in the favor of players who excel in teamfights over those who rely on placements. Players will get more clarification as to what this new reworked ranked system will entail when the season and its patch notes go live.

    Related: Newcastle, Bangalore’s brother, confirmed as Apex’s newest legend in season 13, Saviors

    The launch trailer for season 13 premiered today, previewing a number of changes coming to the battle royale. The first, which the trailer centered around, is the game’s newest legend. As leaks accurately showed, Newcastle will hit live servers with the start of season 13. While we have yet to receive a full list of abilities, the trailer shows him having a couple of different shields, including a metal wall that he throws out. The season will also introduce updates to Storm Point, such as giant sea monsters on the map’s beachy shores and armed facilities full of loot that are rigged with a Spectre defense system.

    Season 13 will begin on May 10, meaning players will have just over two weeks to complete the Defiance battle pass and finish their final few ranked matches before their progress is reset.

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