Revamping Apple: My Ingenious Plan


How I Would Fix Apple

How to Improve Apple: A Fresh Perspective

Apple, a tech giant known for its innovative products, has a loyal fan base but also faces criticisms and suggestions for improvement. Sam Tucker, in a humorous yet insightful manner, has come up with a list of ways he believes Apple could elevate its offerings. Let’s delve into some of these suggestions and see how they could potentially shape the future of the company.

Enhanced Accessories and Features

When it comes to product packaging, Sam suggests that Apple could include faster data transfer cables, such as USBC, to enhance user experience. He also advocates for the return of the iconic Apple accessories like chargers, headphones, and docks in the box. Additionally, he proposes the inclusion of a zoom lens in iPhones to provide users with more photography options.

Quality and Sustainability

Sam emphasizes the importance of improving product durability, suggesting that Apple focuses on making cameras less shaky, backs less prone to breaking, and avoiding glueing batteries and SSDs. He also touches upon the environmental aspect, urging Apple to bring back leather products and reconsider the use of plastic in their designs.

Revamping Apple: My Ingenious Plan

User-Friendly Changes

Another key point highlighted by Sam is the need for user-friendly features. From simplifying the text selection process on touchscreens to reintroducing split keyboards for iPads, these adjustments aim to enhance usability and convenience for Apple device users.

Business Practices and Communication

Sam humorously addresses several business practices, suggesting the inclusion of 10 GB of free iCloud storage, compliance with EU laws, and hiring individuals with a strong understanding of technology to lead the company. He also encourages Apple to engage in more live events and minimize pre-recorded content for a more authentic and engaging communication approach.

Looking Ahead

While these suggestions may come across as humorous, they do shed light on potential areas for improvement within Apple. By listening to customer feedback and incorporating innovative changes, Apple can continue to evolve and meet the ever-changing demands of the tech industry. Sam’s playful take on addressing these issues serves as a reminder that even industry giants can benefit from fresh perspectives and continuous innovation.

Remember, it’s all about embracing the FUNKY and staying open to new ideas in the quest for improvement. Let’s see what the future holds for Apple and the tech landscape as a whole!

Revamping Apple: My Ingenious Plan