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    Retro Metroidvania from the first person Voltage High Society is now available for PC in Steam Early Access

    Vaasa, Finland-based independent game development studio Platonic Partnership has announced that their first-person retro Metroidvania Voltage High Society is now available for PC via Steam Early Access.

    Voltage High Society is 90s cyberpunk horror and metroidvania style gameplay. The game was influenced by films such as “Tetsuo – Iron Man” and “Escape from New York”.

    In Voltage High Society, you embark on a journey where you are a nameless prisoner, stranded on an island ruled by cybernetic monsters. Break through the horrors, get new weapons and abilities and look for a way out. The game features gritty retro graphics with modern touches, fast-paced and unique combat, tools that will give you access to new areas, ways to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

    As seen on PlayGround

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