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    Respawn is ‘actively exploring’ ways to make solo queue better in Apex Legends

    Respawn Entertainment, the developer of Apex Legends, is “actively exploring” ways to improve the game’s solo queue experience.

    In an email Q&A with Respawn, design director Evan Nikolich revealed that while the developer is putting most of its effort into improving team-based play in both ranked and pubs, the team wants to make things easier for players who decide to take on the game with random teammates.

    “We know there are many solo queue players out there so the team is actively exploring changes to matchmaking to give those players a better experience as solo,” Nikolich said. He didn’t share a timeline for any changes or updates, but he did say that the team is looking to improve the team play experience “season over season.”

    Fans shouldn’t expect any kind of dedicated solos mode to come to the game, including the return of the Solos limited-time mode. “I do not think a solo-only mode has a future in Apex at this time,” Nikolich said. “We are committed to Apex being a team-based game because we think the best competition, the best action, and the most fun is had when you play with a team. Players will always need to play as part of a team and we are constantly working towards making it the best team based experience possible.”

    Players have been complaining about the prevalence of three-stacks, or pre-grouped teams of three players who know each other and can communicate easily, in all modes of play. They are especially common at the upper echelons of ranked, including Master and Predator, and can make it difficult for players who queue alone and receive random teammates to climb the ranks.

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