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    Red Dead Redemption fans think they’ve found another hint of a remaster/remake coming soon

    Red Dead Redemption is one of the most loved games of all time. It showed that Rockstar Games can create another big and deep open-world game that doesn’t look like Grand Theft Auto but has many of the virtues that make this series a success. Rockstar has taken the series further with Red Dead Redemption 2, which features incredible world depth with realistic animations, NPCs, and game systems that bring the world to life. Fans hoped that Rockstar Games would return to the first game and give it a new look, but after five years this has not happened.

    However, there are many indications that this could happen. After years of rumors about an upcoming Red Dead Redemption remaster, we got our first real indication that this was indeed the case earlier this summer. The new version of the game has been rated in Korea, which only happens if the publisher submits the game to the rating committee. Users then noticed that Rockstar had updated the achievement art. Former IGN journalist Colin Moriarty also confirmed these rumors and noted that he saw evidence that the game exists and can be presented as early as August this year.

    Since then, fans have been trying to find new signs, and user videotechx noticedthat since April of this year, Rockstar has not included Red Dead Redemption in any sale, while other Rockstar games have been featured in them. This is remarkable, because before that the western was almost always present at such actions.

    To add fuel to the rumors circulating about a Red Dead Redemption remaster/remake, Rockstar has decided not to include the Xbox 360 version in the last two special sales promotions starting in April 2023.

    Maybe it’s just a weird coincidence? Perhaps, but for one of the developer’s most beloved games, this would be an odd omission. Maybe Rockstar doesn’t want a lot of people buying the game at the moment as it’s getting ready for a re-release and would rather people buy the new version.

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