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    Ray tracing effects can be enabled in Stray. They are disabled by default.

    It looks like Stray has numerous ray tracing effects that are disabled by default. However, PC users can enable these RT effects simply by enabling DX12 support.

    Please note that this trick does not work in other Unreal Engine 4 games. In other words, you will not be able to enable ray tracing in other UE4 games by simply tweaking the .INI file. In order for this to work, the game must already have real RT code implemented by the developers themselves.

    So, you can enable ray tracing in Stray by adding a simple command parameter to it. Just open Steam and add the “-dx12” launch parameter to the game.

    In this case, the game will automatically enable shadow tracing, ambient occlusion and reflections. And no, it’s not a placebo effect. The game does have ray tracing effects.

    Reddit user speedtree shared the following comparison between DX11 and DX12:

    The downside here is that these ray tracing effects are very expensive. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX3080 couldn’t deliver 60fps even at 1440p. Not only that, the game does not support NVIDIA DLSS (or AMD FSR 2.0) and there is currently no way to force these upscaling methods.

    As seen on PlayGround

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