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    R2E3 Mermaid – budget headphones in aluminum cases

    New dynamic in-ear headphones R2E3 Mermaid are distinguished by their original shape bodies, machined on a CNC machine.

    They are made of 7057 aluminum alloy and have a complex internal structure, including acoustic filters and diaphragm return waveguides – the out-of-phase signal is used in part to smooth out high-frequency peaks and give more bass expression. The headphones use a dynamic driver with 10mm diaphragm with beryllium coated.

    The kit includes two interchangeable nozzles with different sound signatures – the silver one focuses on the balance of sound and the separation of musical plans, the black one – on vocals and live instruments.

    The detachable cable has silver-plated copper conductors and is equipped with a 3.5 mm mini-jack. Headphones are equipped with six pairs of silicone ear tips of different sizes and shapes. The sensitivity of the model is 106 dBnominal resistance – 17 ohm.

    In-ear dynamic headphones R2E3 Mermaid can be ordered online for $66.

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