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Asmongold Reacts To: Apex Legends New Final Fantasy Skins

Asmongold, the renowned Twitch streamer, recently reacted to the new Final Fantasy skins in Apex Legends. Known for his unfiltered commentary, Asmongold didn’t hold back in expressing his opinions about the Western developers’ attempt at creating Eastern characters. The result? An amusing yet critical take on the new skins.

A Ridiculous Attempt or a Missed Mark?

Asmongold’s reaction to the new skins in Apex Legends was nothing short of blunt. He expressed disbelief at the design choices, stating that it was the “dumbest” thing he had ever seen. With colorful language, he compared the character’s appearance to that of a “crackhead from Walmart.”

However, it’s worth noting that he acknowledged that the skins are outfits, not actual characters. Despite this distinction, Asmongold still found the design to be a miss. His colorful commentary on how “ridiculous” the characters appeared highlighted the magnitude of his shock.

Questionable Decisions

The Asmongold Clips Channel

The Asmongold Clips channel on YouTube is known for delivering humorous and memorable moments from Asmongold’s Twitch streams. The channel offers highlights from popular games such as Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield, Diablo 4, FFXIV, and many more. Asmongold’s reactions to a wide variety of content, including world record speed runs, Blizzard drama, VTubers, and extended playthroughs of other popular games, captivate a wide audience. The channel captures the essence of Asmongold’s unfiltered and entertaining takes on various aspects of the gaming world.

Asmongold’s Influence

Asmongold’s commentary often strikes a chord with his viewers, making him a prominent figure in the gaming community. Known for his engaging content, Asmongold’s reactions are sought after by many, and his takes on new releases and developments often garner substantial attention.

Looking Ahead

While Asmongold’s reaction to the new Final Fantasy skins in Apex Legends was notably critical, his authenticity resonates with many fans. His unfiltered, no-holds-barred approach to commentary continues to be a source of entertainment for his audience, and his influence on gaming and streaming remains pervasive.

In conclusion, Asmongold’s recent reaction to the new Final Fantasy skins in Apex Legends generated waves of amusement and discussion. Regardless of one’s individual take on the skins, Asmongold’s unfiltered commentary adds a layer of entertainment that keeps viewers engaged and entertained.

Questionable Decisions