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    Quantic Dream wants to contribute to the Star Wars saga with Star Wars Eclipse

    With Star Wars Eclipse, Quantic Dream wants to contribute to the saga with their vision. According to David Cage, Quantic Dream and Star Wars are simply compatible, as if there was a selective affinity between the two realities.

    Cage begins with a general account of his relationship with the saga and his collaboration with LucasArts:

    “Working on Star Wars is a dream come true: I discovered this film at the age of eight and was truly fascinated by this incredible universe, just like everyone else. This is a piece of pop culture that needs to be treated with respect, respect for its DNA and fan community, and be careful about what we do. We have a great relationship with the LucasArts team who are the custodian of the temple and make sure we don’t make mistakes and that we are careful about everything.”

    He then goes on to confirm his natural desire to add his own:

    “But at the same time, we don’t want to be limited to using what is there, no matter how big it is, but we also want to contribute, and this is our approach: how can we be creative in a franchise that has been worked on in the past so lots of talent, starting with George Lucas.”

    According to him, Quantic Dream and Star Wars are just compatible, as if they had a selective affinity:

    “The fact that we are working on Star Wars, from my point of view, is logical. I think we are compatible. It’s definitely new, and for the writers, directors, and the entire studio, it’s an exciting challenge to work on. Obviously, I can’t go into details, but now we feel inspired. You’ve seen the teaser and it gives you an idea of ​​Quantic Dream’s vision and where we want to go with the franchise.”

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