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    Quad-Core CPUs no longer the most widely used processor for gaming on Steam

    According to a recent Steam survey, quad-core CPUs have taken a backseat to six-core processors, which now represent the majority of what CPUs users are gaming with on Steam.

    Steam surveys are nothing new—and with the global platform seeing concurrent users amassing into the millions—Steam surveys are an excellent way of accessing, polling, and surveying vast sample sizes of players. The data shows for March 2022 that CPUs with six physical cores dethroned CPUs with four physical cores for the top spot of CPU core popularity. Six-core CPUs accounted for 34.22 percent of systems pinged versus 33.74 percent of systems with 4-core CPUs. In November 2021, six-core CPUs accounted for 31.98 percent of systems pinged versus 36.39 percent of 4-core CPU systems. That’s a steady increase of 4.41 percent of users utilizing six-core CPU-based systems over a five-month period.

    Screengrab: Steam

    Like any survey, not everyone is accounted for—surveys are completely optional on Steam. Still, this is a large enough sample size of the player base that the survey proves effective.

    AMD and Intel are both trending away from quad-core-based CPUs. It’ll be interesting to see what Intel’s Alder Lake lineup will have on the gaming market. And, you can’t sleep on AMD. AMD recently announced the Ryzen 58003D, an 8-core, 16-thread CPU, along with three new 5000-series CPUs and three 4000-series CPUs that are all poised to contend and set new CPU standards. Between Intel and AMD, the majority of their newest and upcoming CPUs are six-core or more. Processor innovation is ramping up, with no signs of slowing down.

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