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Asmongold Reacts To: “Bizarre NYC pet store outburst”

Asmongold recently reacted to a video of a bizarre incident that took place at a pet store in New York City. The video shows a lady kicking a dog in a cage, asking to leave, and then slapping a random lady on her way out.

Shocking Behavior

Asmongold was visibly shocked and appalled by the footage, expressing disbelief at the behavior of the lady in question. He couldn’t comprehend what could possibly be wrong with her to act in such an aggressive and cruel manner. The incident involving the dog and then the physical assault on another person left him stunned.

Public Outrage

The video sparked public outrage, with viewers expressing their disgust at the lady’s actions. Asmongold himself couldn’t fathom how someone could display such behavior in public. He remarked on how the random person who got slapped would have been left bewildered by the unprovoked attack.

Psycho Girlfriend Exposed!

Justice Prevails

Asmongold predicted that the lady’s identity would be discovered, leading to significant repercussions for her actions. He believed that such behavior should not be tolerated, and those who act in this manner should face the consequences. He expressed a strong sense of disapproval and hoped that justice would be served.

In conclusion, Asmongold’s reaction to the “Bizarre NYC pet store outburst” was a reflection of his moral stance against the mistreatment of animals and the unwarranted aggression towards others. Asmongold’s stance on justice and compassion serves as a positive reminder of the importance of empathy and kindness in society.

Psycho Girlfriend Exposed!