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    Production on Star Wars: Acolyte begins

    Production on the Star Wars: Acolyte miniseries has begun, according to Bespin Bulletin. More specifically, it takes place at Shinfield Studios in the UK. The showrunner of the series is Leslie Headlund, co-creator of the series “Matryoshka Lives”.

    According to a recent interview, Star Wars: Acolyte is a thriller set in a prosperous and seemingly peaceful era. Headland explained that the series takes place approximately 100 years before the events of The Phantom Menace.

    “Many of these characters haven’t even been born yet,” Headland explained. “We’re looking at political, personal and spiritual issues that have come up over a period of time that we don’t know much about. When I watched The Phantom Menace, I kept asking myself, “How did it all come to this?” How did it get to the point where a Sith Lord could infiltrate the Senate without any of the Jedi noticing? Something went wrong? What are the scenarios that have brought us to this point?”

    She’s a huge Star Wars fan,” Kathleen Kennedy said earlier about the screenwriter. “The great thing about Leslie is that she knows everything. I mean, she’s read a billion books about the expanded universe. There are little bits and pieces that she draws from that no one has yet explored in terms of storytelling in a television series.”

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